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Dark Chocolate

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There is not denying it. Dark Chocolate takes the award for being Breastfeeding mothers favorite.

Our dark chocolate bites are blended then mixed through the cookie dough to ensure dark choc flakes and chunks are throughout each cookie making every bite a bit of cookie heaven.
Just a secret between us though mum, it’s still a “lactation cookie” but lets just keep that between us so you can still dip your hands in their cookie jar but they wont touch yours.

12 Pack of family cookie goodness

WHEAT flour, Oats, Butter (CREAM, salt), PEANUTS, Dark Chocolate (Sugar, cocoa mass, Emulsifiers (SOY Lecithin, 476), Flavour), Sugar, Brown Sugar, EGG, Flaxmeal, Brewer’s Yeast, Raising agent (500), Natural Flavour.
CONTAINS Dairy and Soy products, Gluten-Containing Cereal Products and PEANUTS.